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Error on page for creating posts


When I create a post. I usually use the pulldown “Select Tags” to help me remain consistent in the spelling of tags.

Unfortunately, the list is too long to fit the window and there is no button.
More and more used tags are dropping off the end of the list.
We’ve already progressed to the point where ‘record type’ is the last available keyword.

Is this a browser issue? I’m using IE11.

If it is not a briowser issue, would you please either:

  • enable me to browse/select from the entire list of used tags
  • make tags drop off using a usage-based algorithm?
    –> it should not be too hard to do something with e.g. nr of times used and last-date used

I’m not putting any tags on this issue, lest more usable tags get pushed off the list…

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis