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Error trying to embed Import Wizard into Automation script


Toad Data Point version: (32 bit)

When I try to embed the Import Wizard into my automation script I get the following error:

"You won't be able to specify an input file if 'Embed files into Automation script' is selected. Please deselect 'Embed files into Automation script' first."

When I go to the settings section of my automation script and try to deselect 'Embed files into Automation script' it throws the following error:

"Import_2: Location of import template is not submitted."

Seems like Im stuck in a loop, Im sure Im probably missing something. Any advice on how to proceed? thanks


Try opening an empty Automation designer and unchecking the embedded file option. I believe it is retained independently from the script. Once it is turned off, reopen your other script and try what you were trying to do.