Error when opening a saved Data Comparison (.DCP) file

When I am trying to compare two tables in two diff Env (say one in Teradata and other in Oracle) and save the comparison file as .DCP, it throws an error if I want to open that saved wizard. However, the .DCP file works when I try to compare the two tables within the same environment. Is there any particular reason for that? Do we need to make sure the connection type should be same for both Env? Please suggest.

We fully support compare data from two platforms. Can you post screenshot of the error you are getting? Also, what version of Toad Data Point are you using?

Yes, I completely agree with you that it support compare data from two platforms, it works perfectly alright if we don’t save the comparison wizard and as soon as we save the comparison wizard and try to re-open it, it errors out. Interestingly, it doesn’t throws an error when the we compare two tables in Oracle only.

The error is:

[Teradata Database] [8017] The UserId, Password or Account is valid.

Version -

i just did a data compare with Teradata and Oracle. No issues. Are you using a special kind of log on? Like single sign-on, etc?

Can you download Beta and try in our TDP 3.8 code?

Are you able to open the saved comparison template? If so, can you please share the connection details? What type of connection are you using on Teradata side?

I am using very simple connection. I can open the data compare file I created the other day. But I realized that in this next release we are changing the format of the data compare files. Can you download TDP 3.8 beta and make a new database compare file and see if you have the same issues?

Thanks for sharing this. I tried in Beta version and I had similar issue. I see you are using the IP address to connect and I will try that however can you also show me the ‘Mechanism’ in the ‘Advance’ tab please for your connection?

its blank. What s your mechanism option?


I have both LDAP and TD2 set up. I am able to do data compare using both mechanism but am unable to re-open the saved DCP in either case.

I entered QAt-6775 for this. If you can post your dcp file that would be great. We will have to set up Teradata with LDAP and work on this for TDP 4.0


I confirmed that we have data compare issue for Teradata LDAP connection in TDP 3.6. Which lead to a pop up when opening 3.6 file by both TDP 3.6 and TDP 3.8. But due to my test result, data compare file saved by TDP 3.8 will works fine, Could you please check?


Andy Chang