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TDP 3.7 Data compare issue

I am getting an error when I try to connect to a database in Data Compare.
I have used it successfully in the past for the same database connection with no issues, so I'm not sure what changed, other than I am working remotely.

In the Data Compare Wizard, on the Specify Source and Target Database screen,
I get "There is no row at position 0" and a red X appears next to the Login field.

I'm using the same login credentials to run queries with no issues.

OK, hmmmm, not able to reproduce given sparse details here, but almost sounds like the connection credentials for one of the databases are not correct, hence, the Database drop down menu has no "rows" to display... just guessing.

Might be best to take this one to Support; they can more readily duplicate your environment as much as possible and attempt to reproduce what you're seeing... BTW, did a quick check in TDP's Knowledge Base, and not finding any similar experiences or resolution outline there.

Hi, 3.7 is five years old and not supported anymore.
But can you add a screenshot of the issue with red X? If you know that you've changed to remote work, we might want to investigate this first. Which DB is it? Can you try another connection method?

Screenshot attached. It's an Oracle database. Not sure what you mean by try another connection method. I can connect to both those databases in SQL Editor mode.

Hi, I'm investigating. DC connects in a different way than the rest of Toad, so we need to find out.
It would be best if you could try the latest version - there has been a LOT of changes since 3.7.

Thanks for looking at it. I would love to try the new version. Unfortunately I work for a large insurance company, and there's only a handful of Toad users, so I have to work through layers of red tape to make that happen.

You perhaps could try the trial version? Every Toad now comes with free trial 30-day period.