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Error with nolock

I have created a query using the diagram. When I try to edit and add a (nolock) to it, then I keep getting the message that it is not synchronized to the diagram and will not let me save it. I have other queries that has the nolock with no problems. Is their a bug when editing from the Query tab?

Second question is if the query is set for Read Only, does this accomplish the same as the nolock statement?

SELECT MessageLog.DateTyme AS Msg_Date,




FROM ConnectR.dbo.MessageLog MessageLog (nolock)

INNER JOIN ConnectR.dbo.SystemDefinition SystemDefinition

ON (MessageLog.SystemID = SystemDefinition.SystemID)

WHERE (MessageLog.ErrorStatusID = 2)

ORDER BY Msg_Date ASC, SystemDefinition.ExtID ASC

You need to press the visual query button. This should sync up the query tab with the diagram.


The diagram does not accept (nolock) statements. I add them in for safety but in some cases, I cannot save the query with the statement in it.

What type of database is this? Teradata? SQL Server?

Sql Server 2005

I entered QAT-3167 however it does not look like we can fit it in for TDP 3.6. Will try to TDP 3.7

Has the “visualize SQLstatement” functionality been upgraded to recognize WITH (NOLOCK) hint?