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Flaws in Query Builder


I am new to Toad. While checking the Query Builder (QB) I noticed that QB does not support important hints like "WITH (NOLOCK)" and different sort orders of two different databases like "COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS", while MSSMS does not cause any problems here and processes such statements properly.

My question: Since these features are important, when can Toad do this?



Toad supports both hint directives and different collation/sort orders.
Screen snap shows a Query Builder in the background where I added the NOLOCK hint to the created query, and foreground panel is courtesy of the Server Properties.

You might need to give us details of how/where you're trying to introduce these concepts within the product?

Hi Gary,

if you now try to Visualize Query as suggestet in green, the following Message appears



OK, I see. Yes, this can/does happen frequently. Reason is that it's more difficult to render a diagram from query text than it is to produce the SQL from the Query Diagram. That, along with the fact that the Query Builder interface does not have the means (yet?) to account for some things like optimization directives, etc.

When you press OK on this message panel, you should still be able to run your query, and the diagram will be rendered as best as TDP knows how to do, although it may not reflect some of your changes. I know the Dev team is working on improving the process of Visualization... stay tuned for future releases!