Error with Synchronize --> Generate Change Script wizard


I am using the Synchronize --> Generate Change Script wizard to keep my models in sync with my SQL Server 2008R2 DWH. I noticed an unusal error, or maybe its a bug when the wizard creates the final change script.

Here are the difference beteeen my model, on the left, and the database on the right.

I have changed the natural key in the model to type Int, and in the database it is of type nvarchar, the script generated should be a simple:

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[DimCompany] ALTER COLUMN [CompanyAltKey] Int NOT NULL

Instead the wizard creates the following

Adding a Collate clause? Obviously this creates an error shown above. Anyone know why Toad does this, and or how to prevent it from happening? is it a bug?




there seems to be two main scenarios: either the change was done in TDM version 5.0 or lower (version 5.1 contains new forms) or you might have some Default Value specified in settings.
Please let us know what version of TDM do you have and if you modified Default Values somehow. Thank you.

Vaclav & TDM team

I’m Using Toad version, I have not modified any default values except that I have forced compare by data type and unchecked the compare domains check both in the synchronize–>generate change script wizard, which I did to solve a problem with domains in said wizard, I did it to solve this issue……/21841.aspx beside that I haven’t changed anything the only thing I am doing is using domains for datatypes, for the reasons mentioned in the previous post.