Exception during creating a relation


yesterday I added about 7 new entities and connections to the TDM scheme.
During that work I got some problems:

  1. A FK field that was created automatically during creating of the relation between two entities was created twice.
    It was not possible to delete them. I found a solution. I created additional field XYdummy. Marked the wrong one + XYdummy and delete both of the.
    It worked. I hade this problem at two tables.

  2. But there were still other problems with that relation. One my script that overrides identity in FKs (FKAttr.Identity_override = true;) returned an excetion.
    I found that the problem is with the relations that I have solved (see up the point 1.).

  3. Hm, I thought I delete the relation completelly and create it once again.
    I deleted it, but I’m not able to create any new one.
    The application causes an exception.
    Access violation at address 00D09AC6 in module ‘TDM.exe’. Read of address 00000000.

I tried to delete TDM.txe. But it didn’t help.
I found that there was created a new version of TDM. I installed it. But it didn’t help.

Please what can I do? I would like to work in the next days. Is there a possibility to export and import really everything to a new TDM file? Or any other suggestion?

I’m sending you Eureka Log per Mail.

With the best regards

Ladislav Nagy

Hi Ladislav,

I will try to call you tomorrow. We can discuss it in Czech.



Hi Ladislav,

please send us your model and we will look into the matter after Christmas, as I promised.

Happy Holidays,

Vaclav & TDM Team

Hi, I have just sent you per mail the damaged TDM file and the repaired TDM file (I manually deleted all objects that I had a problem with and created them once again). With the best regards Ladislav Nagy

I didn’t notice that I added a FK into PK. Such a field is marked as PFK.
It led to a situation that I hade two fields with the same name in a table.
I meant that this is an error of TDM (but it wasn’t) and I tried to delete one of these two fields. It was possible to do it via described selecting of more fields. This was a bug of TDM that led to some inconsistencies. The bug is going to be corrected.
Thank you for the support.
With the best regards
Ladislav Nagy

Hi Lada,

Thanks for the summary. I’m just bringing the CR # of the bug (possibility to delete PK attribute in child entity during multiple attribute selection) - 57 641. It will be fixed for next release.

Thanks for your great co-operation!