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Execute option is greyed out

I am relatively new to Toad for SQL. I only know how to run an existing script. My PC was reimaged and I had to download Toad for SQL again. I am using v6.6, which is a new version than I was previously using. I update the script and saved it. I want to execute it now, but the execute option is greyed out. F9 doesn’t work. Also, there is now execute icon on the ribbon. Can anyone help me?

Thank you.

Hi there,

So when you installed the new version of Toad did you recreate/import the connection (in Navigation Manager) used in the script? Has the connection been established?


Hi, there was a problem with the connection. I was able to fix that and run the script. Now I am trying to do a Quick Export > Excel Instance > Excel Instance and the Excel Instance is greyed out. Any help with that one? Thank you so much for helping me.

Hello again,

I am glad to hear the connection issue was resolved. As for the export issue, I have not run across this nor could I reproduce. This is the perfect opportunity to check in with our excellent support team as they can get more hands on with the problem. The link below will get you to the contact information. Good luck on your data exploration.