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executing a stored package/procedure/function


Hi All,
when executing a pkg.function in SQLNavigator 6.3.1, by default, the schema name is tagged to the package.function like.

“Result Value” = EMP.Pkg.function(input variables)

This throws an error which says

PLS-00487: Invalid reference to variable ‘EMP’

(EMP is the user schema name)

To just execute, i eliminate the schema name and run the stub separately (press preview button and delete the shema name). But i am not able to apply the same workaround during executing in debugger mode.

Pls help.

pls let me know if you need more info on this.



This is probably because you have another object using the same name “EMP”, for example a table EMP. I suggest you to rename the other object which has the name EMP in the user’s schema.

We can make chagnes to remove the schema prefix from the script to run, but we have to consider the cases of executing packages across schemas. The schema name is needed. Avoiding naming objects in the same name would be a best practice here :).



Hi Vincent,
Thanks a lot for your answer,

I was trying your all your tips and found that my problem is entirely different.
Well, there is no problem for all the schemas except only one. And i suspect the schema name is the problem.
EMP shcema seems to be working fine… and only INT schema has the problem which i had posted first. And i suspect, this is due to INT is some sort of key word in oracle/ navigator???

not too sure…

this is a bit challenging i suppose. Thanks to share if you have any workarounds.