Team Coding [Naming Convention]

Hi all,
i’m new to Oracle, new to SqlNavigator and… i’m new to english language too! :slight_smile:

Anyway, here my question!
I’m using SqlNav + SCC PushOk + Svn and… all is working fine!
But actually, every time i make “checkin”, all objects become (on SVN) files with the following naming convention:

SCHEMA_NAME.OBJECT_NAME.OBJECT_TYPE (where OBJECT_TYPE is the 3 chars extention)

I would like to know: how can i have a naming convenction like:


Is this possible?

Thank you in advance!

Some more information, just to clarify my question.

I may have a DB with 2 schema and some objects in every schema:

One schema in named “stefan” with the following objs:

  • dummyfuncion
  • dummyprocedure
  • dummypackagebody

Another schema is named “ricky” with following objs:

  • popofuncion
  • popoprodecure
  • popopackagebody

When i login into these schemas (and perform “checkout” - “checkin”) in my working folder i’m getting files like these:

  • stefan.dummyfuncion.fnc
  • stefan.dummyprocedure.prc
  • ricky.popofuncion.fnc
  • ricky.popoprocedure.prc

and i don’t like this result.

I don’t want to have the “schema_name DOT” prefix.
I would like:

  • subfolder for each schema
  • all file extention “.sql”
  • 3 chars string as prefix-type (in filename) in order to distinguish each object-type

So, for example:

(directory) stefan

(directory) ricky

Is it possible?
Do i have to configure some tables in SQLNAV schema to reach my target?

Thank you in advance.

Hi ironest_031,

Thank you for sending more notes in the post.

Unfortunately SQL Navigator does not have any option yet to allow you to change naming convention as per your requirement.

You can change the extension for the files under menu Team Coding->Connetion Settings as attached screen shot, but without the ability to add the object type to the filename as you stated, it might not be helpful in the current structure to change ext of all types to .sql in Team coding.

We have raised CR 14166 as per your request to provide you an option to define the naming convention in Team Coding. We will try to provide the changes in a future release post v6.6.

Thanks and regards,