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Executing a Stored procedure - Issue


When I use Execute procedure wizard in SQL Nav, the procedure never runs just gives error message in the ouput window “No closing quote character”
I have tried evertying to remedy but it looks like its a problem with this particular release, I am using Trial.

Anyone with the same issue ?



I have (it does not say trial) and mine works. When I push the Green > it takes me to a Execution console page then I enter my parameters and press the Green > in there. I have dbms_output.put_line in my code and I get the output window…


Hi Steve,

I’m not sure what’s wrong with that version of Nav that you were using but I don’t think there is anything we can do at this point in time. A better idea is you could download the beta version of Nav 6.0 and see if the problem persists.

Please follow the link below for more info:

You can have both versions of Nav installed side by side so there’s no need to uninstall the other one.

Hope this helps



I appreciate the response, I just did some testing and found that this is a bug in Nav when using integrated logins and then useing the green > buttton to execute a proc.
Only then do I get the error.

I logged in as normal user not using active directory and the error goes away.

By integrated login I mean that credentials for accessing the database are taken from the windows active directory - so you leave USER name and Password blank and Oracle connects you to the database using activedirectory information.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for the information. We will attempt to set up the integrated login with active directory to see if we can reproduce the issue.
I will keep you posted.