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Executing (F5) ignores the "Substitution Variable Prompting" configuration

Ref. SR 4798837 "Executing (F5) ignores the "Substitution Variable Prompting" configuration"

After some back and forth with support, I have been advised to use F9 instead of F5 in order for Toad not to prompt for ampersand variables, even though these variables were commented out in the code.

I believe the settings window should state right off the bat that the options for "Substitution Variable Prompting" only apply to F9. Otherwise this is misleading and leads to thinking it is a bug.

Also it is not clear at this point :

  • what the differences are between F5 and F9, other than the above difference
  • why Toad tries to substitute variables in comments

If you are running a single sql statement, it is almost always preferable to use F9.

The purpose of F5 is to mimic SQL*Plus. F5 is good for for running multiple statements as a script. As a bonus, it can put SELECT results in a grid, but that comes at a price. All records are fetched immediately, and as strings, unless you cancel.

F9 will fetch a block of rows, with native datatypes. If you want more rows, you can scroll down. F9 also uses less memory and is faster. If you include ROWID in your selects, then you can edit data in the grid. This is not possible with F5.

If you want to disable sub variables for comments, right-click in the Editor. Choose "Substitution Variable Prompting", and then "Ignore those in comments".