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Expired sessions causing problems in Toad

In Toad Beta I experience that Toad is not recovering properly from expired sessions.
After an one hour break, I experienced an ORA-03113 (end-of-file on communication channel) error.
No problem, like in Toad 12.0 and 12.1, I use menu Session - Test All Connections (Reconnect).

But unlike Toad 12.0 / 12.1, Toad 12.5 did not recover fully.
Instead, I experience following problems:

  1. Running my query caused a 'Duplicate field name' error although there is no duplicate field name.
    Fixed by closing the Tab, and running the query in a new SQL tab
  2. After running my query again in the new Tab, I noted that 'DBMS Output' was no longer reading data.
    Fixed by Turn Output Off, and then Turn Output On again.