Explain plan in session browser show red exclamation point

I had an insert running over the weekend and it was taking very long time. When I looked at explain plan the icon on 99% of the steps had red exclamation point. Can some one tell me what it means?

We use that image for errors. Was there some error or did your statement finish successfully?

If that's not it, can you right-click the explain plan and save it to XML, then send it to me? My email address can be found in this post.

You'll probably need to zip the XML or just send it as text to get though the email filters.

The statement ran for around 50 hours. It usually runs for 5 minutes. This explain plan is much different than the one from this morning when I ran it manually. What types of errors are you referring to.

The insert statement was killed.

any oracle error. I guess it was picking up on the fact that it was killed.

The explain plan was done on toad version 16 and the image of the explain plan was taken well before it was killed.

I'm sorry, I don't know what else would have caused those icons.

Hello, I have same problem. Same database, same SQL. TOAD v14 shows explain OK but TOAD 15.1 shows many exclamation points.

Thanks. I had to change the way we handle the images in there for version 15.1. I made a mistake when I did that. We used to just use blue dots for operations that we didn't have a special icon for. In 15.1 the blue dot accidentally got replaced with the exclamation point.

This is a harmless display issue, but I can understand how it might be concerning or at least annoying.

It will be fixed in the next beta.