Toad 10.1 has the disappearing problem again

I have a CREATE TABLE AS SELECT sql statement. It joined 3 tables.

When I clicked on the ambulance to get an explain plan Toad disappeared. I will
look into what settings I need to change. Possibly I have not got my explain
plan set up properly. BUT it was supposed to get all that from 9.7.1. Also TOAD
must NOT disappear. If something goes wrong it must give a message.

It works for small tables. But it blows up and blows away Toad.

There’s a stack overflow somewhere, that’s what causes this.

Will you send me

Explain*.xml from your user files folder (there are 3 of them)

DDL for the 3 tables

The complete CTAS stmt.

If I can reproduce it, I should be able to fix it.