Export/Copy database scripts to local folder for maste repo in GIT

Is there any way where i can export or copy all the database scripts (packages, procs, functions, triggers, views,.. from schema in Toad 12.8 to local machine in C drive in the directory structure like C:/SchemaName/ObjectType/ i.e. /HR/Procedure/ or /HR/Function/. I do not have any DBA or admin access, have only developer level access in toad. I do have some tools like Toad Data point & Toad Data Modeler, but not sure about their purpose. Im planning to use GIT for version control so i need to create prod master repo initially.

If you have DBA Module or Toad Expert edition, you can use Generate Schema Script (it's under the Database -> Export menu) to do that.

If not, the easiest way is go through object types one at a time in schema browser. Select all, then click "Create Script". Use the "one file per object" option.

Thanks John. This works perfect on what i need.