I have a CDR schema and I want to get the scripts of all the objects which includes tables, views, jobs, sequences packages, procedures , functions, mview etc., anythng that are on that schema

Is there any way I can get this done thru TOAD?

Please respond asap


REPLACE (REPLACE (text, CHR (10), ‘’), CHR (09), ’ ') function_code
FROM SYS.dba_source
WHERE owner = ‘’

Or Database > Export > Generate Schema Script

Also, for some schemas I am not able to generate script. Is this a privilege issue. If so, can anyone suggest what kind of privilege do I need?

Quick reply is appreciated!

“Generate Schema Script” in Toad requires the DBA Module.

If you don’t have that, you can multiselect tables in the schema browser,
rt-click and choose “Create Script”. Then repeat for other object


I am able to generate schema script from TOAD and it is quite helpful. Is there anyway that I can get each of the procedures/functions/views scripts separately generated thru TOAD?

Quick reply is appreciated

In ‘Generate Schema Script’, there is an option ‘Create
Individual Object DDL Files’. This will create separate files for each

great! thanks for your help.

It works :slight_smile:

Thanks again!