When clicking SAVE to save SQL - Export Dataset dialog pops up instead

When clicking the Save icon above the source code screen, the Export Dataset dialog pops up.

This happens intermittently - unable to find a pattern.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for reporting this.

It happens when focus is in the grid, then you click Save. To prevent it from happening, click in the SQL text area before clicking save.

This is fixed in Toad 15.0, which is scheduled to be released on Oct 18. You can get the beta, which is almost in its final form (so very non-beta) right now if you want here.

Thanks for already being on top of this! Can I have both beta 15 and non beta 14 installed together?

Yes. In fact, you cannot run the beta without having the most recent official version installed also.

THe first time you run the beta, it will grab settings from 14.2. From that point forward, each will maintain their own copy of settings.

Awesome Thanks! Yes - Changing the focus to the editor and then saving resolves the issue. I have not encountered the issue in 15 beta.