Export error

Export error

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It is not an error that Toad is attempting to bind the SQLC2H20 (db2clpcs.bnd) and SQLABH02 (db2ajgrt.bnd) packages. Toad for DB2 V4.6 uses a DB2 V9.7.1 runtime client which requires that those packages be bound on the remote server in order to successfully execute CLP based utilities. Toad automatically checks for the presence of these packages on the remote server when executing a CLP based utility and will attempt to bind them if not present. It is the DB2 CLP BIND command and not Toad explicitly that is looking for the SPs mentioned in the error message.

Sometimes CLP will throw an error but actually perform the BIND. Can you check your server and see if the NULLID.SQLC2H20 package now exists?

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Yes, it did create the package. Is there a way in TOAD to customize the bind statment so that it would also include “grant public”?


The grant to public would have been performed if the bind had been successful. This is the first time we have seen this type of an error. I will create a defect change request to more gracefully handle this situation.

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