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Export objects to a file in Sql Navigator 5.5


Could you help me exporting objects( Packages, procedures, functions) to files( with extension .spc, .bdy, .prc., .fnc etc.) using SQL Navigator?



To export the object you have to
Select the object -> right mouse menu ->extract DDL
the file extension is by default .sql
I think there is no way to change that file extension according to each object type.

Filipe Silva


Well, I did that but code has been exported to SQL editor. I want to export
it to a file on my operating system.

Actually, I’ve been looking for a semi-automated process with which I should
be able to export various objects into different folders ( i.e; all selected
tables into 'Tables’ folder, procedures to ‘procedures’ folder and so
on) and send across to my DBA.
On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 4:37 PM, {SQL Navigator} on behalf of {Filipe


Hi again

I thing it’s not possible.
I would suggest to use the Find Objects feature ->select all the objects you want
extract DDL (with “new editor for each objects” preference)

It will create and open new editor to each object
Close SQLNav it will ask you to save the saves …

problem: in 5.5 it seems that the file name only gets the schema name.
With version 6.2 beta the file name has the object_name as a prefix.




We don’t have an option to directly save to file when extracting DDL. But I think this is a good idea. Also it would be better if we can count in saving ecah type with its own extensions. I will raise an enhancement CR for this.

For now, the way Filipe suggested seems like the best/closest approach we can provide at the moment.



That would be really great!


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