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Exporting DDL - set options as well as multiple files


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Is there a way to cause Toad for SQL Server to export ddl scripts into multiple files, while also specifying the options? Right now I can just highly multiple procedures/functions, right click, generate SQL > create script > to file. Here it gives me a popup for everything in one file, or single script per object as well as the destination. Great! However, I can’t specify the export options. So now I have all these scripts that have things in there such as the “using database foo”. I don’t want those in my scripts as they’ll be under a GIT source control and want them to be more generic.

So then I try going to Tools > Export > DDL Script. From here I figured I was golden. I can set the various options on how to export. So no more using statement! However now I can’t export multiple objects to an individual file.

Is there something I’m missing here? Would be great to be able to specify export options while also sending each object to their own file. Please tell me I’m blind :slight_smile: Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

The alternate solution would to be to install sql server management studio as it has the capability to do what I described above. But, I’d much rather not have to download another tool just to do that.