Export partially from DB1 to DB2 with "SELECT" and "INSERT INTO" statements | other ideas?

export partially from DB1 to DB2 with “SELECT” and
“INSERT INTO” statements | other ideas?

I think when the original poster wrote his question he used DB1, DB2 etc. to mean some Oracle database. I.e. he was asking if there was an easy way to send data from one table in one Oracle to another table in another Oracle database which for some reason were not “connectable”.

I further presume that doing something like
AS SELECT * FROM abc@other_database
was not possible because there was no connection.

I did not answer because I could think of no better way than what he was doing. If he can get his friendly neighbourhood DBA to create a link between them then it is easy (as shown above). It is also possible that the link is there and just not published.

ETRG (Erwin The Retired Guy)

DB1, DB2 etc. to mean some Oracle database

And here I thought he was talking about the IBM DB2 family of databases :slight_smile:

But you're right, now that I think of it, he could have simply been referring to "first database" to the "second database".

Roger S.

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