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SQLcl Bridge equivalent in TOAD?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there was an equivalent to SQLcl's BRIDGE command in TOAD. I tried using the command, but was unsuccessful.


I guess BRIDGE is a way to get data from another DB w/o making a DB Link?

There is no way to do that in Toad for Oracle, but I think Toad Data Point can do something like that. I don't know the details, sorry.

Hi John,

Thanks for your answer! I'm pretty sure that SQL Developer has the feature as well. Is there any plan for getting this into TOAD (I see that you're from Quest, unless I'm completely bollox'ing up my use of the forums!)?



Hi Tim,

Yes, I am a Toad developer.

It's not on our roadmap at this point, but maybe some day. I guess if/when we do that, we'd be adding full SQLcl compatibility.

Toad has the ability to copy tables from one database to another, just not with Bridge (or via scripts). You can Right-click a table in Schema Browser, then choose Data -> Copy to another Schema. There is a box you can click to create destination table if needed.


Hi John,

Thanks again!! That's a nice feature that I had somehow missed and should do the trick for what I'm after! Thanks so much for your insight and help!


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