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transfering data between schemas


We have another issue with our new Oracle 11g server that we did not see on our
older one.

Again, we have not been given DBA rights on the new machine so this might be the
answer, but I doubt it.

Both systems have/had auto commit off.

We use TOAD to copy data from one schema to another. In the old server, the copy
progressed and we could log in as that schema and see the data.

IN the new world, the data seems to copy, but when we run over to the other
schema we cant see it.

Any ideas?



Good Evening Gerry-

2 different connection handles are used for 2 differerent schemas (even when
they are on the same machine)

make sure the DBA on both databases grants the necessary permissions
(connect,all resources,select and or execute) on both databases to the
user/password combination which the client will use to access the connection…

Martin Gainty

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Thanks Martin,

I’ll have them check to make sure this is in place.

Do you (or anyone following) know the command that TOAD uses when we copy data
from the current schema to another?



It sounds like a commit was never issued.


Toad uses insert statements with arrays in the bind variables. So one insert
statement inserts as many rows as there are in the array.


Thanks again everyone –

The issue turned out to be user error !

The tables were not identical. So it looks like it’s copying but never
places the data in the second schema table because the structures are different.


Feeling foolish.


I have a note to myself to improve the error message in the next version so
things like that will be more obvious.