Export to Excel file options

I run a daily .tas automation script which exports (‘Select to File’) from a database query to Excel. Every time it runs, it appends a new Excel worksheet to the existing Excel file. I’d like to limit the number of worksheets created, for example to 5, allowing the oldest worksheet to ‘roll off’. I don’t see any such option in the File Options dialog, nor an option to turn off the append. (see attached)

Without such an option, I guess my only option is to ‘Delete File’ prior to each ‘Select to File’?

TDA_Excel_export.ppt (91 KB)

We currently do not have an option to limit the number of worksheets. I like the idea and have add this request as Cr72,047 for the 3.0 release.
In the next release 2.6, that is due out very soon there are a couple more features in this area that you might consider using.

We have added the option to overwrite the file so you don’t need to add an acitivity as you mentioned.

You can also export to a specific worksheet with a name. You can always export to this named worksheet and clear the data prior to exporting.

Or if you really do want to accumulate the worksheets you can append a timestamp to the worksheet name so it is easier to compare the data.

See screenshot.


That’s a great answer.
I pine for the day 2.6 becomes manifest.