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Export to Excel with variables broken in TDP 3.4 (Automation)

Dear all,

i just upgraded from TDP 3.3 to 3.4 and I encountered a strange error. I was defining a variable (string) by means of a SQL query. Tried both ways Execute SQL and Set Variable and tey work. When I want to use this variable in a subsequent Export to Excel activity I get an error “invalid character” (see screenshot). When I run this Export task and put in the string manually (red arrow in screenshot) everything is ok, using the variable (marked blue) I get this error. I still can finish the Export wizard but the automation script also throws this error and stops. A simple Excetute_SQL referring to the variable works fine, it seem to be Export specific.

The script worked well in 3.3.

Does anyone also have this issue?

Thanks in advance,




Is it possible to get a script that worked in 3.3 and doesn’t in 3.4? You can post it here or send it to me directly (