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Export to gfx file

I noticed that ERD exported to an image has no any margins. It usually forces me to add it further in some gfx program. Would be nice to have such option available.

Also may be useful to set picture dimensions in pixels

Hi Michal,

must confirm your requirement for margins in the exported graphics. Enhancement request CR 86638 has been filed to address it.
We have to think a bit about the resoltion settings in pixels as we are trying to keep the settings as simple as possible. But will let you know here.
And I have added one more enhancement request CR 86639 to add a checkbox to go to the exported file directory after processing. It’s already done.

Great feedback, please keep on feeding like this, Michal.


One additional but related thing I recall.

When exporting a project into image multiple times, TDM opens file requester in the same (the last) directory but every time tries to use name of project as image file name.

Don’t know if it is indended or not. But imo it is not standard behaviour. Intuitive (to me) is remember the last saved image file name and use it next time.
It would help when exporting the same project multiple times (trying to find correct resolution or fixing other issues)

best regards

Hi Michal,

in fact, it is the desired behavior to offer model’s name (not project’s name) by default to always know which model you are exporting from. You can see and selct the previous exports in the folder clicking on … button on the right. When exporting once, the name of the model works best, when multiple times, you would still have to look in the folder and adjust some file name.
But while thinking about your post and checking exports, I came to one enhancement and it’s that you should be prompted on overwriting previous export in case you select the same name/don’t change it. CR 86722