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Export to XLS or CSV from Pivot Grid Drilldown Data window


Hey… I am trying to export the data from the Pivot Grid Drilldown Data window, and the I am getting a message that says:

pivot grid export error.png

Should I be getting this message?



Could you please provide step by step instructions how you get the message?


After running the query, in the results tab, I click on PIVOT & CHART. I create a pivot table, and double-click in the DATA ITEM to drill-down. Next, I right-click in a cell and select QUICK EXPORT > EXCEL INSTANCE > EXCEL INSTANCE. This is when I receive the error. However, I am able to export to Excel file. Sorry for the caps.


OK, I get it now.

When you double -click on the data you get the initial Result and from there you tried to export and got the message.

You can export the initial data to Excel directly from the initial result set. And you probably already did it.

I created the CR 110770 to track the issue.

Thank you for reporting the issue.



Feel so fortunate to see this thread with a fine answer to my similar situation on the pivot grid control, I am also feeling confused about the grid export to csv problem. This one helped a lot.