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Export Wizard Clipboard from Result Set

My company just upgraded from TDA 2.5 to 3.0 - how do I set the Export Wizard (from a result set) to use the Clipboard each time? This is using data from a query result set, selecting all the data, right clicking in the results to select Export Wizard. The 3rd screen is Output Options. I want it to default to always use the Clipboard (and not have to select it each time). In 2.5 once I set it, it stayed. Now in 3.0, it reverts to File each time. Is there some way to set the Export Wizard options?

Hi -

Unfortunately, this looks like a bug which was introduced between 2.5 and the current release. I’ve created CR #101320 to track this.

Mike Wilson
Software Developer
Quest Software

Also, is there any particular reason you are using the export wizard to output to the clipboard? You can copy data directly from the grid result set to the clipboard by just right-clicking on the selected data and selecting copy cells or copy rows, or hitting Ctrl+C. This will give you the option of copying the results as tab-delimited data to the clipboard.


Mike, thanks for the alternative. I’m such a creature of habit and it was easy to blow through the wizard, that I had not considered this option for most exports. Is there a way to save the options in the pop-up window “How do you want to format copied data grid?”?

That way I can save myself a click since I will always want headers. BTW I don’t use Export to Excel or One Click Export because with all my open spreadsheets I was forever adding data where I hadn’t intended. I like grabbing the data and then going where I want with it.

Thanks again, Richard