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Export Wizard - further issues

Three more issues for the new Export Wizard. I’m using TDP

  1. When a query is used, the Next button triggers some sort of validation which can take some time, but there is no ‘Please wait…’ or ‘Checking syntax…’ message which would be helpful.
  2. When editing a query, the key triggers the wizard’s Next button, where instead I just want to insert a new line in the query. I don’t expect this to be a full-featured editor, but still…
  3. On the Select Columns panel, changing the order does not seem to work. Next time ‘editing’ the wizard/template, the column order has reverted to the order described by the query.
    See attachment. Thanks.
    ExportWizardErrors.pptx (148 KB)

To Julian.chasin_625:

Thank you for posting in Toad World! I investigated each of these items.

  1. The enhancement of adding some notification to the user will be considered under our ticket, QAT-2248.
  2. The feature allowing a user to edit SQL appropriately in the Data Export Window is under QAT-2246.
  3. I was actually unable to reproduce this issue in Toad Data Point 3.4 nor our more recent Toad Data Point 3.5 Betas. I used a really basic query like “SELECT Col1, Col2, Col3 FROM Table” and reordered Cols to 3, 1, then 2. The order in Select Columns has been preserved when I edited the task.
    We are working hard for our fast approaching Toad Data Point 3.5 release. It is unlikely that these enhancements will be able to be implemented in the 3.5 release. I will be sure to append the status of the two tickets if there are any updates.


-Joshua Liong

To insert a newline, hold and press .

A little obscure, that, but it works. Thanks.