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Toad for DB2 Freeware 64-bit missing Excel export


I apologize if I am double posting regarding the issue, I tried to search for the same topic and never found one. Anyway, I just upgraded my Toad freeware from 6.2 to 64-bit and one thing I noticed is that the Excel option in the Export wizard is missing. Is there a workaround or fix that is going to come soon?

If it helps, my OS is Win 10 Pro 64-bit.

Here is the image below:




Hi Phillip,

Actually in our freeware version, exporting to an excel file in the export wizard was never officially supported.

That export wizard feature was not to have been exposed in our freeware. Having it enabled in v6.2 was a bug that has since been corrected.

Freeware users may still export to a cvs file - which you could then open up in excel if you so choose.

Or you could purchase the base edition of Toad for DB2, which has that export wizard format enabled - along with many other features.

Thank you for your answer, Jeff. I will go to the CSV route instead for now.