Exporting data to password protected excel sheet

Hi i am new to toad. I have been given to use toad for data analysts 3.01…i dont remember the entire version. The problem i am facing, i want to export data to a excel sheet which is open file password protected. Whenever the i want to select the macro file in export wizard…it says you havent mention the password. I dont know where i should mention the password. I also want to know does toad also runs .bat and .vbs file. Because i often get not valid win 32 error. Id there any way i can run those files?—Beegees

Can anyone help???

You can run .bat files. That is what I use to launch Excel and run am auto open macro in an xlsm file. Use the Run Program system activity in toad automation. Any program that takes command line arguments can be launched this way. My macro then opens a static named spreadsheet (generated previously in the Toad automation script) performs pivot table create operations and then saves the file with a timestamp added to the file name. Sorry have not deal with password protected files yet.

Sorry, we don’t currently support this. I entered QAT-3573 for this. Instead, in Automation we support zipping up files and adding password.