Exporting / Transferring Connections (incl passwords) from Toad 10 to 11.6

I am using Toad 10 on my notebook, and have now received a new notebook from work (our application guys have already installed toad 11.6 on there)

Now I am trying to export/transfer my connections (> 150 connections incl stored passwords) onto the new notebook - but whatever I do, I can’t get toad to load my passwords.

I know that it has something to do with the username, but I can’t change it on the new PC as it is part of a domain.

What can I do - PLEASE HELP

Thanks a lot in advance


Just in case anyone else runs into the same issue - after some google-ing i found this Toad Password Decrypt tool:

Worked like a charm - decrypts & transfers Toad Password files


Hi there,
Glad you found the solution.

We here on the Development team monitor our Yahoo groups daily, and we hope to see you there. (This forum’s content is no longer mirrored there, so we hope you will join that group, where Developers and expert users share tips and answers.)


Thanks for using Toad,