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Moving saved passwords to new workstation

Good Afternoon TOAD team,

A colleague asked me how to transfer her saved passwords to a new laptop; I searched the knowledge base and only found out of date, invalid instructions. Do you know how to transfer the saved passwords from one workstation to another (for us it is the Windows 10 migration, coming very soon)? Thanks in advance.

Which Toad version are you using?

Good Morning Damir,

I personally am using TOAD versions 12.11 and 12.13; but people in the office are using anything from version 10 on.

I found the export and import icons on the top of the connection screen worked perfectly for me, but Julia lost her passwords when she did the import.

I am planning to test out the Stack Overflow recommendation today:

Hi Lawrence,

If you’d like more than just the passwords, from Toad’s toolbar navigate to Utilities > Copy User Settings. You’ll be able to export / import pretty much everything.

Also, if your coworker’s new machine has a different username the passwords won’t import (for security).


The server login windot itself also has import/export functions

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Mike proposal is correct and username is I think domain username (not only name of the user but a domain/workgroup as well).

But there is trick how to retrieve all stored password and then manually place them to new machine. This works on Toad 10, I think on 11 and earlier 12 toads versions.

More can be read on:

Hope this helps. Cheers


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