Extract DDL and Generate SQL Create not including DB2 z/OS role privileges

When doing an Extract DDL with the Include Privileges option specified, we are not seeing the grants for Roles being returned in the DDL script. We also noticed that they don't show up when selecting the Generate SQL, Create Script option. If I view the details of an object and go to the Grants tab, I can see the roles listed there. Could we get an enhancement to include Roles when doing the Extract DDL with Include Privileges and also for the Create Script options?


We are currently using Toad for IBM DB2: version

Just wanted to do a follow-up on this topic. This issue was sent to the support team, but I was directed to instead post it here in the forum. Is there something else I need to do in order to get this bug reviewed?

We've logged the issue in our tracking system as ID # TDB-4146. We'll have the development investigate the issue for a possible fix in the next release of Toad - v8.0. Thanks for reporting it to us.