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how to generate grant ddls for only one stored procedure.

can some one help me writing script to generate the ddl script for granting stored procedure(already exists in db).

  1. I have to extract the grantee from catalog tables

and then

  1. generate this command

grant execute on procedure to user “grantee” ;

appreciate your help.

You have seemed to identify a bug.

I have opened up TDB-1460 to track this issue.

GRANT statements should be generated in the DDL on the script tab, Extract DDL and migration features. Can you confirm what DB2 platform you are running this on (LUW or z/OS) and which Toad version? Thanks.


its luw v9.7, and toad v4.7

The latest release of Toad DB2 (v6.0) will display the explicit authorities as GRANT statements on the DDL tab for DB2 LUW. Toad will not display implicit authorities with GRANT statements. V6.0 should be out in several days. I recommend that you get that latest release and try it.