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FastReport issue (bug?) in Toad 11.5

I installed Toad for Oracle 11.5.
I noticed a problem with the reporting tool, FastReport: the Help file is not available. If I click on Help menu, nothing happens. I figured out though I can press F1 and the help file is downloaded from FastReport site but I have to do this and re-download every time I need it. Where can I save this file in order to be always available?

Please record this issue as a bug if this is the case.


Thanks for reporting this.

In the next version (as soon as betas start up), the help menu will be fixed, and Toad will tell you where you can save the file so it can be used locally. Unfortunately, if you save a copy now, Toad won’t use it, but here is a link to the PDF help file that you can save to your desktop.


Thanks John!