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I have a report that I’ve saved. Wondering how to open the Fast Report
application to view my report.

Is the only way by clicking in the data grid and selecting ‘Report’?

I am on

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If you want to run the report again, then yes. If you want to view the contents
of a prior report, you should have exported the report when you ran it the first


As a PDF? I’ve done that. I’ve also saved the definition of the
report, but can not open it.


To open your FR3 files, run your query, rt-click, choose “report”.
If Toad knows about that FR3 file, it should open it automatically. If it
somehow lost the association between your query and the FR3 file, just Cancel
out of the “report wizard” (where you choose columns), then when you
get to the “FastReport – Untitled.fr3” dialog, click File
-> Open. Is that what you were looking for?


Yes, thanks.