Feature request - ability to sort grid columns horizontally by header


Very frequently views, queries, tables return a lot of columns. While a person familiar with the data model remembers the rough positions of columns, most often than not, if one wants to look at the data in a specific column that requires finding that column by header, one needs to scroll horizontally, and when there are a lot of columns, that process becomes tedious. It would help a lot if there was an option to have the columns ordered horizontally in the grid by header, then one can find any column very quickly.


PS. I assumed this option doesn't exist yet - I did not find such an option.

This might help... see snap below... had a customer who had a similar request, as she was looking at hundreds of columns per some tables...

In most data grids in Toad, you can hit the Column Manifest button and choose a subset of our desired columns and even sort the visible list so you can easily find what you're looking for. Your column choices will be remembered by Toad for as long as Toad is connected to that database.

Another alternative is to use the Single Record Viewer... second snap below.
Hope this helps.

I wish Toad for Sql Server was implemented in Delphi sigh. Unfortunately it is implemented in .Net, and it uses the .net devexpress grid, and it doesn't have the features available in the delphi version.

There is a cardview but it is useless because it is too small and it chops off the data. The form view in Toad for Oracle is so much better!