saving configuration

Is there a way to save column sorting settings so a table will open with the
same configuration later in the session or even in future sessions? schema
browser rhs, data grid.

If you use the filter/sort button (funnel icon over the grid) to do your
sorting, that will be remembered.

Hi John, I know this is an old post, but maybe this is why I don't see this filter you mention in your reply. I am trying to save my column sort order in the data grid for future Toad sessions so that I don't have to reorder the columns everytime i log in for the particular table I am querying. Do you know how to do this for Toad for Oracle 13.2.0? I've tried saving a workspace, desktop and even a macro, but none seem to work. Thanks!

Check this option, and grid column order will be remembered in the Schema Browser.


If you are talking about sorting of the data by clicking column headers, then instead of clicking column headers, click this funnel icon and specify your sort order in the dialog. Then give your sort/filter a name.

then the icon changes to indicate a sort is applied, and you can set up multiple sort/filters and select the one you want like this:

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Thanks so much John, but that all seems to be in the Schema Browser. I am trying to save the column order displayed in the Data Grid (after I've manually dragged and dropped each header or changed the order via r-click on column header in data grid > sort columns) shown in the Editor window (below). Any ideas for how to do it here? I manually do this to view the columns in the order i want each time I open Toad and run this query.

Sorry, there's no way to do that in the editor that I'm aware of.

You might want to edit your query select the columns by name, in the order that you like, then after you run it, save it like this:

After that, go to the "Saved" tab on SQL Recall. Right-click your query, choose "Properties" and give it a name.

After that, you can recall it with CTRL+N in the editor. When you do that, you'll see a list of your saved SQL (I named mine "EMPs" - "Default" is the name of the group that it's in). Then you can double-click it to recall the SQL.

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Ok, that is still very helpful. Thank you very much John!