Feature Request: Named SQL improvments

The Named SQL Module/block seems to be the place to store my SQL statements for later recall and execution. I think the functionality can be improved.

Request 1. The only way I know of to be able to store a Named SQL statement is that it has to be executed first. I have many saved statements that I would like to import but I don’t want to execute them first. It would be nice if I could somehow just put statements in there without having to execute them first. For instance, right click in the panel and choose “Insert new Named SQL statement”.

Request 2. Instead of a column for the SQL text, I personally would find a “Comments” column more useful. And then display the SQL as a tool tip when hovering over the entry.

Request 3. There are no ways of grouping named SQL statements. It would be nice if there was a folder structure there that would allow users to categorize the statements saved there.

Question: What is the expected use of the Code Snippets? What are the functional differences between favorites in the code snippets and named SQL?

My understanding of Code Snippets is they are precisely that; little pieces of code that can be shared as opposed to full SQL statements. Granted, you can add full SQL statements to your Code Snippets. I suppose it’s just a matter of personal preference and the tool allows you to work the way you like to work.

Favorites could be snippets or full SQL statements you refrence on a regular basis. I suspect the idea is that you have a quicker way of navigating to snippets if they’re in your Favorites folder as opposed to having to navigate the various folder structures to locate them.

And you could also enter code snippets in the Named SQL statements.

Request 4. It would be nice if you could edit statements that have been saved. Currently, once a statement is saved, there is no way to edit it.

Some good ideas here. I entered CR93141 to look into these.