save sql history to names sql?

In the sql history you have a named tab, I use that for common queries I use all the time. I wanted to add aonther today, but can seem to find how.

From the help it says below. But I can’t find the option to save to named any more.

"Add to Named SQLs
To add a SQL to your list of Named SQL statements

Highlight the statement.
Select the Editor | Add to Named SQLs menu item.
Type a name for this SQL statement, one that you can easily recall at a later time.

Does your Editor menu now have the ‘Add to Named SQLs’ item?

You can also add it manually using the F8 dialog.

Sorry, meant to say ‘not’ vs ‘now’

Right-click > Restore Defaults should bring it back if you don’t see

Hello, the work-flow has changed a bit on this one. Here are the steps:

  1. select your SQL from history
  2. Click the toolbar button “Edit selected value”
  3. Select “Named” from type dropdown
  4. Type in name


Cool that worked!


You can use Brad’s method to move a SQL from History to the Named or Personal
SQL tabs.

Within the Editor, though, the help procedure is still accurate:

Highlight the statement in the editor.

From the Editor MENU, select Add to Named SQLs. (It’s at the very bottom of the
menu on my default setup)

I’m updating the help file to make this a bit clearer.

Gretchen Mueller

Technical Writer

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