Named SQL


I have started to used Named SQL to store frequently used or useful queries. I
have an issue when I go to change the stored query. I bring it into the editor
and change it. I don’t see a way to save it again. I can highlight it and
create NAMED SQL with the same name. That results in asking whether you want the
present query replaced, but seems to be the wrong steps. What is the correct way
for changing and saving Named SQL?



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You can do it as you are doing it now or you can update it from the SQL Recall
dock panel itself by selecting the “Single SQL” tab at the bottom
and making changes. As I look at it now that doesn’t seem very intuitive,
but it is what it is.

I personally find the entire concept of the SQL recall window confusing and
overly complicated. It’s just a SQL Repository and the idea of having
named, history, and personal statements is too much IMO. It should just save all
statements executed as it currently does and have the ability to specify a name
(or not) for saved statements that are not purged automatically when the MRU
list is full. It might be nice in a future release to simplify the window so
that it maintains an MRU list and a saved list. MRU list acts as it does now and
saved list is the combination of Personal and Named SQL. They are both one and
the same with the presence of a name being the only difference.