Feedback On TOAD World

I am finding the discussion threads a bit confusing.

  1. I am not seeing the text of any posts by guests, but I do see feedback.

  2. I posted a reply to someone, and his message was listed, my reply was listed with a blue background, and then again with a white background. Other posts have seemed similar. Why is the message repeating?

  3. Can old unanswered questions be removed? I am seeing things from almost a year ago and it would seem to be a waste of time to answer something six months after it is posted.

  4. Is this moderated? I have looked at several postings that say something on the order of “my query doesn’t work”, without even posting the query. Within the ‘Community Feedback’ most of the posts are questions having nothing to do with feedback.

I wouldn’t mind giving some of my time back to the community and answer some questions, but I don’t have the time to wade through a poorly designed interface (repeating messages, blue backgrounds, missing messages), old posts, and off-topic posts.