Is my forum post still being reviewed?

Hi, on January 7, I created a new forum post as a “Discussion” rather than a “Question.” I think the Subject line was something like “TDP 3.6 - Editor Toolbar”. After I submitted it, it gave me a message saying that it had to be reviewed by a moderator (?) before it would become public. It has been 2 weeks and I still haven’t seen it show up (nor is it included in my activity list of past postings).

Could someone at ToadWorld please see if they can find my post and release it? Or, do I need to rewrite it? Thanks!

P.S. On that same day I submitted another forum post as a “Question”. Its subject line was “TDP 3.6 - Window size changes on relaunch” and that one submitted just fine. That one is not the post that is missing.

Let me look into that. In the mean time can you rewrite as question since we did get that type of post.

Hi Debbie, This morning 1/23 I received an email notification that my post was approved (possibly due to you tracking it down?)… The thread is now at:…/23512.aspx

Thanks for your help.