TOAD selects all text - no way to stop data fetches?

Hi folks,

Had a little meltdown this morning and not sure how I could have stopped it. Not
sure if this is a 10.5 issue or has been around a while.

I was checking that a data update had been accomplished with a brainless query.


I know that TOAD just fetches 500 records or such so the fact that the result
set was 27 million records was not a problem. Looking at the first couple of
records was enough to verify to my satisfaction that the update was complete.

So okay for server 1. Next I lazily went to click the “SELECT ALL
TEXT” button and copy and paste the QUERY TEXT to the next server window.
However, I erroneously left the cursor down in the result set! Opps.

So now TOAD thinks (I guess) that I meant I want the COMPLETE result set. It
starts fetching the next 500 records, the next 500 records, and so forth
plodding onwards towards 27,000,000. I can’t find any way to stop this (I
tried frantically hitting ESC more than a few times). Am I missing some kind of
secret kill switch? I had to bring down TOAD from the task manager or else
I’d run out of memory long before the 27,000,000th record was loaded.



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There’s a cancel button on the data grid

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