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file extensions

When I am saving files, it is adding a .sql extension to the names. One example is for synonyms, we need them to be .syn for our migration scripts, and it is changing it to .syn.sql. This is happening with, but doesn’t happen with

Where are you saving files from?

I tried from a few locations both in Win 7 and Win 10 and everything looks to be on the up and up. One bug I do see is in the Export DDL window the default extension there is .sql and if I click the ‘…’ button to get to the save dialog and type Test.syn in the filename clicking OK does append the .sql to it in the File edit. However, if I remove the .sql then the file is properly saved using .syn. This behavior is in 12.11 too though.


This is just a normal editor window using Windows 7.

I just tried opening another editor window, and it works correctly, but if I open a tab in the original editor, it is adding the .sql.

I then tried closing and reopening Toad, and I can’t get it to happen again. I’m not sure what was different about the first window, but I guess this isn’t a problem.

Ok, I see now. In the save dialog if SQL Files is the active “Files of type” item and you type Test.syn it does add the .sql extension. I also can reproduce in older versions, but it’s still a bug. I’ll log. The default “Files of type” was All Files when I was testing earlier.


Actually, after discussing with John Dorlon the following has been determined…

  1. Toad appears to behave the same as Notepad.exe (but not Notepad++ or Delphi)
  2. This seems to be the behavior of the native Windows common dialog and I don’t see any properties readily available controlling it. I removed Toad from the equation by writing a new test app and it behaves the same.
  3. The behavior is most annoying.
  4. If I change it, someone else who has been used to this for years will complain.
  5. I have no mental energy left to try and make sense of it. If you choose an extension that is not listed in the “Files of type” dropdown then it is respected, but choosing one that is listed in there does not respect. Huh?