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File name in all caps

I tried looking around to see if anyone reported this issue, but did not find anything.

I’m using Toad for Oracle 12.8. I have Toad as one of the programs that opens SQL scripts from Windows Explorer. When I open a script using ‘Open With’ from explorer, Toad opens the filename and assumes that the filename is in all caps.


File on desktop:

Filename when opened directly with Toad using 'Open With":

Filename when opening the file by using File > Open File in Toad.

The ‘Save As’ dialog will show the same as the text above when opening through Windows Explorer.

Its a small inconsistency, but it comes up often enough to write this post. Could a developer look into this?

It’s fixed for 12.10.


Thank you.

I am experiencing this same issue in Toad for Oracle Seems the fix was reverted somehow.

The original screenshots from the OP's message are missing or not loading for me. Can you post screenshots of what you're seeing? Also, you are right-clicking a file from Windows Explorer and choosing Open With and selecting Toad?

This is how the file loads when I right-click in Windows Explorer and choose Open With Toad, or just double-click on the file with the .sql extension mapped to Toad:

This is how the file loads when I drag-and-drop from Explorer to a Toad editor window, or select Open File from within Toad and browse to the file:

When choosing Save As... on the first file (the all caps one), the file name suggested is in all caps.

Ok, thanks. I will take a look at it.

I'm having a bit of a Windows 101 issue at the moment though. For some reason I cannot choose Toad 13.1 in Windows Open With or File Association window, but I can choose our Beta version. The beta version shows the filename in the appropriate case. I'm not sure what's up with my machine and mapping of file extensions, but I'll need to sort that out, first.