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Open sql file from explorer

I am trying to open one or more files from the explorer with TOAD and I would like this to work the same way it does when dragging the file(s) into an editor.

Differences I experience:

  • Every file opens a new Editor window instead of a new tab. This is not useful and also takes very long. “Use single Editor instance for PL/SQL if possible” is set in configuration but does not seem to make a difference
  • The tab header does not contain the real file-name, but converts it to UPPERCASE.
    Can you reproduce this? Is there any other option that I missed?

Did you get this?

I can’t reproduce and it’s not clear to me how that would happen from a quick glance. For me every file is loaded into the same tab. Tab caption changes should only occur when compiling an object not loaded from file, when user renames a tab, when loading a file it’s set to the filename (char case unchanged), and when tab text modified an asterisk is added. There are a few places that set the tab caption externally, but nothing that should be affecting drag file from Windows Explorer into the Editor. If you want to send me your user files I can take a peek at some point.


Just to make sure that I managed to describe the problem properly:

Everything works fine when dragging the file from Windows Explorer.
File -> Open File also works as expected.

My problem is when opening the file directly, e.g. via “Open with” in the context menu of the Windows Explorer.

This is what the only tab in the new Editor Window looks like for “test.sql”:

It looks like this when dragging the file into the editor:

Gotcha. Sorry I’m neck deep elsewhere so I kind of glossed over the details. I think that shell open is doing the same as you’d see from command line executing “Toad.exe filename.ext” and the default handling of a filename passed to Toad from command line is quite different than the Editor specific handling when you drag file to an Editor instance, use Toad’s open, etc. I’ll log it, but it will be some time before I get back to it.